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There are many sites which give all the basic details about Pondicherry...its location (160km south of Chennai on the Bay of Bengal), its history (the French connection), Its Architectural Heritage and its spiritual significance (Sri Aurobindo Ashram) and about our neighboring global community of Auroville.

HOW TO GET HERE: It is important to know that most convenient way to get to Pondicherry is by road from Chennai...the nearest major railway station and airport being at Chennai. Taxis from Chennai to Pondicherry cost Rs.2900/- (June 2017  rate). If you are arriving at the station or the airport in Chennai, you can take a pre-paid taxi or we can send one to pick you up. Not only will the Pondicherry cab be cheaper than the airport taxis but the one we send will also know where Gratitude is located.

Some places are also connected by train from Pondicherry. There are some excellent luxury buses connecting places within driving distance from Prondicherry. The sleeper buses from Pondicherry to Bangalore are highly recommended. We can also help you get taxis for longer journeys to the rest of Tamil Nadu.

We would like to tell you more about Pondicherry as seen through the eyes of two long term residents at GRATITUDE....these are personal experiences and we believe that everyone who comes to Pondicherry, goes back with their very own perception.

The street on which GRATITUDE is located, is named after the French novelist, dramatist, essayist, and an idealist Romain Rolland

Our dear friend Virginia, who has made Pondicherry her second (or third or the fourth) home, decided to find out why the street is named after this person. 

Click on the links below to read her articles.

For our discering guests, we have made a special selection of our favorite 10 places to eat in Pondicherry. They may not be the best in EVERY sense but they all have something special which makes them our personal favorites. We are well aware that everyone has a different taste so you are welcome to disagree with us and order listed below is not according to any rating...because each of these are good and may appeal to different palettes.
We will keep adding to this list...

13 MUST HAVE dishes of Pondicherry...

Virginia's list of PLACES OF EAT in Pondicherry... 

What to do in Pondicherry...

PONDICHERRY is a place where one does not have much TO DO or SEE.
Its a place to BE. To just exist and absorb.

But if you MUST DO something, we have tried to put together a few of our favourite things. 

Here are also a couple of articles written by Payal Adhikari in the blog The Culture Trip, which we find worth sharing. 

You could take short day trips to CHIDAMBARAM (62km),
GINGEE (70.4km) and  THIRUVANMALAI (109km) on the same route,
DARASURAM and GANGAIKONDACHOLAPURAM (both on same route 139km)
if you are interested in ancient history of Southern India.