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The process of booking a room at GRATITUDE is somewhat different from other places. 
In order to ensure that there is a good match between the house and our guests, we try to get to know our guests individually before they arrive and vice-versa. 
Therefore, this is what we suggest:
1.Take a look at the rooms, the tariff, and the house guidelines.
2.If you think that GRATITUDE is the right place for you, then fill up the Booking Form and submit.
3. We will respond within 24 hrs (maximum 48) to let you know if we have vacancies.
4. As soon as you confirm the choice of room, we will send an invoice with payment process and bank details.
5. If you are overseas, we will send you a link to our payment gateway so that you can pay online with your card.
6. On receiving the advance, we will send you a confirmation note.
7.Please read the rules of our cancellation policy