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More about Vaithikuppam...

Adjoining the Heritage town or the area more popularly known as the French precinct of Pondicherry, is the fishing hamlet of Vaithikuppam is going through a very interesting process of gentrification.

As one walks down to MANTRA from Le Promenade, the juxtaposition of quaint colourful huts and not so beautiful modern apartments may be the first things that one notices. However, the local culture that flows out into the narrow (fairly clean) streets, is a photographer's delight. Fortunately, it is not just the modern houses but the presence of little ateliers, art galleries, book shops etc that makes this place much more interesting. Here are a few photographs of the area around MANTRA as one approaches it from the Promenade.
It is truely about people, about a culture, a place where the aspirations of the local fishermen and the influence of the urbanisation brought in by intellectuals, artists and seekers creates a very interesting physical environment where everyday life unfolds.
One must drive through these quaint lanes to reach the gated compound of MANTRA.
This short drive can be a delightful or obnoxious...depending on your own state of mind.
It is an oppertunity to see life as it the inner lanes.
Take a look at the video below to get a feel of the area, its proximity to the French precinct and the locality as it is today, in November 2016.

Address & Contact:

20 A, Pillayar Koil Steert, Vaithikuppam, Pondicherry. (See on Google Map)

Tel: Tel: ++91 9047805394 from 8am to 9pm (IST)