ROOM 1 is on the ground floor & has a Queen size bed. It can accommodate 1 or 2 persons...but is ideal for a single person. Bed Size: 180cm x 130 cm

ROOM 2: Is also on the ground floor. It has a King size bed with no foot board
(ideal for tall people). 

ROOM 3: This one (at the far end of the verandah on the ground floor) has twin beds and can be joined to form a double. 

ROOM 4 Is on the 1st floor as you come up the stairs and has a Double Bed with no footboard (which means VERY tall people can fit in). This room has that old in built safe which has never been opened.

ROOM 5 : Has the most gorgeous indigo floor! Its on the 1st floor and has Twin beds which can be joined to form a Double.

ROOM 6 : Has a King size bed with the bathroom which is a level above (with a bath tub and a hot shower!). On the first floor, it is closest to the terrace access . Due to the few steps to the bathroom, it should be avoided by the elderly.

ROOM 7 : Also has a very high King size bed with a turquoise bathroom. It is on the
first floor & opens directly into the Mango tree. Bed height: 35cm from ground (steps provided). Room 7 gets solar heated water in the bathroom.

ROOM 8 :This one is a small, quaint room  with a high ceiling. It has 2 single beds below which can be joined to form a Double and a loft bed above. It is ideal for 2 persons but can host 3. Located on the first floor, it overlooks the courtyard and it almost feels like living in a tree house.  Room8 gets solar heated water in the bathroom.


52, Rue Romain Rolland


Tel: ++91-413-2226029
from (10am -7.30pm (IST)
from 8am to 9pm (IST)