Events that we host...

We provide the Perfect Backdrop...

...if you have the desire to create a beautiful event like Prethee and Ram's wedding brunch which was organised at GRATITUDE. The beautiful decoration inspired by the impressionist artist Van Gogh's SUNFLOWERS was executed by The A Cube Project and it was stunning enough to be noticed by the VAN GOGH MUSEUM themselves and also also featured in the ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST.

Pondicherry Heritage Festival

The annual Pondicherry heritage festival was conceptualised at GRATITUDE hence it is only befitting that we host a special event every year during the festival and it is usually the acclaimed danseuse ANITA RATNAM who performs.
She makes the best use of the architecture and her performances flow in and out of the beautiful heritage structure which gets infused with her energy and sublime artistic expression. 

Other Concerts

Over the years, we have hosted a series of concerts, mostly performed by local or visiting artists and musicians who we are very proud of.
If you happen to stay with us during one of these cencerts, you get to experience the best of what Pondicherry and Auroville artists have to offer. 

Destination Wedding: Pondicherry

Ahana and Anshuman came as guests and they persuaded us to plan and help host their wedding.
And so , we became “ wedding planners” .  
Many conference calls across four locations and two continents and a lot of help from our band of friends ..specialists in flower decoration, Musicians and chefs ..the community came together to create a unique blend of tradition for a modern couple. We all, including the bride and groom have beautiful memories.
Since then other events and weddings have been hosted but this will remain closest to our hearts .  
If you wish to get married in full traditional grandeur, in some of our most beutiful Heritage Houses, including GRATITUDE...we will plan and host your wedding along with our local partners and make it an event to remember.
We don't do BIG weddings.... these are intimate gatherings, inviting family and close friends to truly help make the couples day very special. We normally host gatherings of 50 close family and friends. We can arrange for parties and cocktail dinners, for larger groups at other locations , but all with a touch of vintage with traditional cuisine (Indian/Italian/French), decorations with fresh flowers, live classical music and dance (sans loud sound systems). The focus is on sharing a fabulous experience with those who really matter to you
We will organise it all if you want us to do it.

The Real Marigold Hotel- Season 4 (shot at GRATITUDE)
is a British travel documentary series created by Twofour productions and broadcast on BBC One 

It was our pleasure to host the wonderful team of Twofour and the cast of The Real Marogold Hotel and it was an experience we shall cherish forever.

Needless to say, we are open for shoots as long as the space is treated and used respectfully.

Events related to meaningful books and writers...

Being prolific readers, and being part of the family of the Speaking Tiger publishers, we believe in the tradition of READING....hence the well stocked library at GRATITUDE where we have many a book signed by the author.

We love hosting events related to books.specially the kind of writers we believe in and love to read.

We also offer a Writer's package for those who wish to come and stay with us, to write. Write to us if you wish to do a book launch at GRATITUDE or organise a Writer's Retreat or simply want to come and write.

Education/Cultural Visits

As a part of our committment to preservation and restoration of Pondicherry's Architectural Heritage, we welcome groups who are interested to see and learn.
These could be organised by prior appointment.

This in not part of the Heritage walk. We talk about the History of Pondicherry, its effects on local culture and architecture and show you examples IN THE HOUSE. 

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