Working away from home...

We will serve you meals on time.
We provide hi speed internet.
We promise silence.

....and we serve great coffee!


The concept of a traditional workspace, the office, has undergone such a change in recent times.
More of us are being forced to work from home, yet 'home' is what is should be...NOT a place of work.
So for all those who need to work out of 'home' and yet need the formality of a secluded workspace, a time away from the larger family and responsibilities of running a household, free from distractions, what better place than booking your stay with us? 

Write to us if you want to book a "work away from home" stay with us of any duration. We will create a personalised package for you, based on your requirement.


52, Rue Romain Rolland, Pondicherry
India, 605001

Phone: +919442065029

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